Rebecca Evans

Therapeutic Counsellor

Tel. 07510 348686

Email. [email protected]

The Executive


About Counselling

The aim of counselling is to help you speak about a problem or concern and find a way forward that is appropriate to you as an individual.


You may want to:


Explore aspects of your life you feel dissatisfied with.

Work towards accepting a challenging situation, for example illness or bereavement.

Increase your confidence and ability to cope with situations.

Gain clarity about aspects of yourself and your life that may seen confusing or difficult to understand.

Be experiencing relationship difficulties which you wish to work on as a couple.


You may wish to explore aspects of your past and how they may be affecting you today, or you may be going though a turbulent time in your life. You may feel that life's events or your own emotions are overwhelming or you may simply wish for time to reflect.


Counselling offers you a safe, supportive, confidential space in which you can explore your feelings and concerns without being judged. Through this process counselling can help you to gain a clearer understanding of yourself and your situation. This can be very empowering and help you to make positive changes within your life.  The counselling process offers opportunies for growth and development and increased well being, allowing you to make and maintain positive changes in your life.


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